Mitzpe Ramon Hotel

Mitzpe Ramon Hotel

Not many hotels in the world are blessed with so much perfect and natural locations like mitzpe ramon hotel. This hotel is just few minutes’ walk away from the ramon crater and people who stay at this place will experience the best and unforgettable desert feeling and the accommodation is definitely at its best. With many other facilities visitors also enjoy the facilities of Wi-Fi internet as well as facility of laptops in the rooms. You can really have the best suites and rooms available according to the needs and demands. There are many suites available like mini suites, family suites, executive and deluxe suites and many others. Management of the hotel takes complete care and gives the facilities of best kitchen ware, coffee and tea making machines, safe and lockers, LCD screens to watch the favorite channels, state of the art and modern washrooms and phones.

 Enjoy Camel Ride At Mitzpe Ramon Hotel

Ramon hotel really gives the best experience of enjoy the desert environment with the best accommodation. This hotel has got many natural reserves and lots of attractions near it and that make this place more attractive to the people and especially to the tourists. Hotel management feels happy to arrange the trips for you no matter you are traveling as a couple, family or a group. Usually the tour doesn’t really get completed without having a camel ride which is really the specialty of the desert. Camel ride is arranged for the people in whom they enjoy great desert scenes and hills of white limestone which are along the river of havarim. Hotel management not only arrange the ride but also provide the opportunity to the people to refresh themselves and the tents of Chan’s Bedouin and that is really a great experience to see the desert closely and experience the hospitality of the desert people.

Superb Desert Meals At Mitzpe Raman Hotel

Normally people think that people will not find the best food during their journey in the desert but that’s not the case when you have option of mitzpe ramon hotel. Each and every time you order for the mean from your room you will definitely be served the best and fresh meal and you will enjoy the services if the best people who cook this food for you. You can relax in your room on the comfortable pillows, beds and mattresses and delicious food will be provided to you at your room door. People who like to eat while having some music r some entertainment can always come out to dine in hall to enjoy their meal there. Strict quality standards are followed while cooking the food and management of the hotel makes it sure that people are given the best quality foods according to their choice and order without having any compromise on the quality or freshness of the food. If you want to enjoy the calm and pleasant feelings of desert with the best place to eat and reside for some time in Israel then mitzpe ramon hotel is the best place for you for sure.


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